SRAM 2020 - Magura - Campagnolo - Trickstuff - AMP Brake Pads

De luxe brake pads.

Less vibrations, noise & weight.

From 25.00 


True braking power.


– Better heat flow: ride faster without heating.


– Better vibrations properties: ride in silence. Even more silence with our Ceramic compound.


– 25% lighter than traditional pads (15.0g)


– Works with every discs*. If you switch the pads material (for example, if you switch from resin pads to metallic pads), we highly recommend you to change your discs.


More information on our Philosophy.


Free international standard delivery on 150€+ orders.


Sold by pair. Spring included.


*some discs are “Resin pads only”. Do not use any other material on them.

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 1.5 cm





– SRAM AXS 2020+

– SRAM Red – Red ETAP 2020+

– SRAM Force 2020+

– SRAM Rival 2020+

– SRAM S700 2020+


Campagnolo :

– Campagnolo H11

Bien que nos plaquettes présentent une forme différente des plaquettes originales Campagnolo, celles-ci sont parfaitement compatibles avec la gamme Campagnolo.




– SRAM Level 2020+ all models (T, TL, TLM, ULT)



Magura :

– Magura MT2

– Magura MT4

– Magura MT6

– Magura MT8

Bien que nos plaquettes présentent une forme différente des plaquettes originales Magura, celles-ci sont parfaitement compatibles avec la gamme MT.


Trickstuff :

– Trickstuff Piccola


We offer two compounds:

Organic: Suitable for soft riding. Quick bedding in.

Ceramic: Ultimate performance. Extreme braking power with excellent vibration dissipation. Perfect for long runs and powerful braking. Recommended for wet conditions and e-Bikes.

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